1. so! you are planning on submitting something to fuckyeahcats…splendid! but before you do that, there are some things i would like to let you all know.

    the only reason why i will not post your submission is if it is

    • a photo submitted as text
    • a photo that is smaller than your average tumblr post
    • blurry/poor quality (this includes webcam and/or grainy photos)
    • there is more of you in the picture than your cat

    HOWEVER - if i do choose to post your picture it will take at least 3 weeks to be posted. this is because i receive submissions every day, and i can only put 300 posts in my queue at a time.

    it would also be very helpful if, when submitting, you include your tumblr’s name in the caption, so proper credit can be given.


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