How many of you would be interested in (helping design) fuckyeahcats t-shirts and/or other merchandise?

I want to hear your thoughts - if I were to make fuckyeahcats merchandise, or host some sort of design contest, how many of you would be interested?

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    1. singyamatokun answered: I totally woul - bit late here but fuck yeah! (cats)
    2. merty answered: yea, i’d do it.
    3. survivaltest answered: I’d love to help you design some! msg me if you want :)
    4. roar-of-the-mao answered: interested! :D
    5. misscoco answered: i would DEFINITELY but fycats merch, as long as it actually said ‘fuck yeah cats’ on it & wasn’t censored and such :D
    6. booozeclues answered: :D cats
    7. lisaham answered: Maybe if the word Fuck wasnt actually one the tee or merch.
    8. munteeth answered: meee heres my artwork
    9. whiskeyanddynamite answered: YES
    10. movetogether answered: yes! i would!
    11. abirracadabra answered: You should make the shirt that was just on SNL that says “Cat parking 24/7”. THE BEST Hahaha.
    12. maranduh answered: I would love to help!
    13. catfur answered: i would be very interested in buying!! a keychain or a t-shirt or something like that :)
    14. matteogenota answered: im interested. what would be the price?
    15. pushthequorumbutton answered: definitely. sounds tons of fun.
    16. treecat answered: That sounds awesome. I’d be down! *w*
    17. emmariru answered: I would definitely buy one if they’re reasonably priced.
    18. bodyasmachine answered: YUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    19. queen-of-closure answered: T-shirts or bracelets for sure!! I might be interested in helping, but I would definitly buy some! :D
    20. kathrynmc answered: that would be amazing :)
    21. agrandemartasan answered: I would!
    22. basednapkin answered: i’m interested
    23. outterspaces answered: I could probably help out with some simple design work
    24. oldhearts answered: I would love that, to bad we probably live far apart! I would love to have one if it works out
    25. 61740 answered: i’d probably help
    26. curs3ofcurv3s answered: fuckyeah i would be
    27. handstandliz answered: I am a graphic designer and I’d love to help you design something, and I have work you can see if you’d like. I think its a great idea!
    28. pmmikes answered: I’d love to design some stuff, and of course buy some stuff!
    29. nightmaresandcowboys answered: I would be I think that would be a really funny idea.
    30. superfluke answered: yeah? I am. I actually designed a salad cat teeshirt.
    31. dontletalandrive answered: c
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